How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist

Getting tattooed is a highly personal experience so it’s important to find the right artist for your needs. Ultimately, the quality of your tattoo rests on the quality of artist that you find.

These days, tattoo artists are more professional and highly trained than ever, but there are still plenty of unskilled “tattoo artist” that are NOT that good. So to make sure that you’ve find a top quality professional, we will give some points to find the best one for your (next) tattoo:

  1. Family and friends.Ask around by family ad friends with there experience on there tattoo shop. For sure you will hear the good places. But also the once you want to avoid.
    And when you then finally approach a your tattoo artist, find then out how many years of experience they have. If possible, avoid someone who is new to the game. Ask them what type of style they specialize in, and make sure that they have relevant experience with the type of style that you’ve chosen.
  2. Are they Professional or not ?

    Are they a member of a professional tattoo group?
    What qualifications do they possess?
    What health standards does their studio meet? 

  3. Portfolio.Ask to see their previous work. And another good question would be to ask where they learned to tattoo. All reputable artists will have a portfolio of their work, and will be proud to show it and talk about it. At least that is something I found oout over the years that I got my tattoos.  Your alarm should go off if they don’t have a portfolio, or seem not to want to answer your questions.As mention before, it is always good to have already seen some of the artist his work, before you actual decide to let place a tattoo on your body. Keep in mind it will be there the rest of your life! Check out how the work looks ! Are the black lines smooth and crisp? Or are they shaky and substandard? Does the tattoo contour with the shape of the body? Are the colors bright and vibrant or dull and flat? Are they blended smoothly? Has the character of the tattoo been properly captured?
  4. Tattoo artist Personality.Spend some time speaking to the artist to get to know them.Do you like their manner? Are you feeling comfortable being there? Do they answer your questions in an open and relaxed manner? Do they share your ideas and enthusiasm for your planned tattoo?Are they prepared to give you what you want. If they try to convince you to alter your designs then it will be worth your time looking for someone else who is more open to your ideas. Unless there ideas make sense.Be sure you have faith in their skill and ability?

All artists are different and it might take several visits to different tattoo studios until you find the professional who is right for your needs. But it’s time well spent and will help lead to your perfect tattoo.

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